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City Hall has moved to its new location… meaning we have the opportunity to retrofit a building the city owns to meet modern standards.

Did you know?

  • Beaverton has never had a dedicated police building.
  • The city’s public safety operations are housed in several locations, instead of one coordinated center.
  • A volunteer citizen advisory group has urged Beaverton to update and consolidate to meet safety and security concerns.


We can consolidate all of the existing public safety functions into one place and eliminate more than $3.5 million in lease costs over the life of the bond.


Beaverton has 92,000 residents today. By 2025 it will have 123,000. A new public safety center will help the Beaverton Police Department and Emergency Operations keep Beaverton functional for generations to come. Examine the research behind our effort.


When the Beaverton Police Department moved into City Hall, it was supposed to be a temporary solution. That was 1986. But turning Beaverton’s current City Hall into a modern public safety center involves much more than cosmetics. The remodeled building would be approximately 119,000 square feet.